After taking time away from my career to have my two youngest children, I decided instead of going back into the world of marketing I wanted to do something more fulfilling, something that really excited me, something I could do around my children and family.

I loved renovating our home recently, I’ve watched every season of The Block and have a stack of interiors magazines taller than me – surely¬†that makes me qualified to start a renovation company right!

If you are wondering why the name ‘The Home Maker’? When applying for the loan to purchase the house, the bank manager asked me, “Now what do you do?….oh that’s right, you’re just a homemaker right?” Just a homemaker. Home Maker. Yes actually that’s exactly what I am I thought, I want to make homes. I want to find houses screaming out for some love, design and creativity and turn them into warm, stylish, inviting homes.

House One is a small fibrelight bach in Papamoa Beach. It has 1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms, 7 types of wallpaper and at last count 18 dead cockroaches. I am equal parts excited and flipping freaked out, but here I go!